What are credits?

Credits are an in-game currency system.

Why do you need them?

While you can play the game without credits, they are very useful. Credits are used to research species and genes, as well as generate new pets. Paid users can use credits to start a group, and send credits to other players (including unpaid users) in exchange for pets or services.

How do I get credits?

Each new player starts the game with a sign-up bonus of 100 credits. There are ways of earning more, some of which are detailed below.

Cash purchase-

Ovipets uses the FaceBook currency system to purchase credits. So, if you have any way of purchasing/earning facebook currency, you can use it to purchase credits on Ovipets! Credits are currently available in the following bundles-
200 Ovipet credits for 50 FaceBook credits,
500 Ovipet credits for 100 FaceBook credits,
800 Ovipet credits for 150 FaceBook credits,
1200 Ovipet credits for 200 FaceBook credits

To purchase Ovipet credits in this manner, click on the trade tab
and scroll to the bottom. Purchase credits, and the amount you wish, are in easy buttons on the bottom of the page.

Any cash purchase will make the account a 'paid user' account. This status does not expire.

Turning eggs-

You can go into a hatchery of anyone on your friends list and turn any eggs that are ready. "Ready" eggs will be marked with 2 green arrows as an icon on the image of the egg. Simply click the eggs image to bring up it's detailed profile, then click the "turn egg" button on the bottom left of the details box.
You cannot get credits from turning your own eggs. You cannot turn eggs in hatcheries of people who are not your friend. You will not get credits every time you turn an egg, in fact you may go stretches of 50 or more eggs with no credits, or you may get 5 in a row. Only the egg owner can do the final turn to 'hatch' a 100% egg, this turn never yields credits.
There is a group called "egg ninjas" where people will post sometimes that they need people to turn eggs for them. Also, people often post in their public feed (the posts you see on your main page) that they need egg ninjas. The term means they are requesting someone to come turn eggs for them and hunt for credits. People post this because they are being nice, so you may wish to reply to their post saying you did the job, and even how many credits you got while doing it, as it makes people happy knowing you got them. Of course, this is optional.

Auctions and sales-

If you get a beautiful pet (great colors, great mutations) you may be able to find a buyer for it. You can try auctioning it or selling it in your public thread, or in groups designed for such purposes. Please keep in mind, things are worth exactly as much as someone is willing to pay. Asking for very high prices may not get your pet sold. Condemning someone for their listed price is bad manners.

Splicing services-

Many people will offer splicing services either "at cost" or "cost +1". What this means is, the buyer sends an egg to be spliced, along with credits, to the splicer. The splicer then splices the egg with the designated gene and returns it. Fully researched levels on a species gives a discount on splicing cost, so an "at cost" splice will give the splicer a built in bonus for taking the time to research. Cost+1 means the buyer intentionally send an extra credit as a tip, which some splicers will ask for if they haven't unlocked the discount yet. There are groups to offer/find such services, such as http://ovipets.com/#!/Splice%20Service%20Inc


Many groups or individuals will hold games and contests where you can win prizes. Most of the time, these prizes are pets or free breedings, but sometimes they are credits! Ovipets developers will even occasionally post contests, but these are rare.