Coming soon- a fully illustrated guide to the game Ovipets!
This site is not ready for use, it is still being worked on. At this time, a few pages are finished, and there is some useful information on 'important info', but the other pages only have a brief note of what I will be putting on that page.
Please note, the game developers have done a great job including a FAQ in the game already, located here:!/?src=help&sub=faq While this wiki will touch on many of the subjects mentioned there, it is not meant to replace it. It is recommended that you read the FAQ, as the developers intended the information to be shared!

Ovipets is a pet raising, genetic splicing, collectable, tradable, breedable, and socializing game. It's located at It's free to sign up and play, although there are perks if you decide to become a paid member, such as;
However, the game is fully playable and enjoyable as a free user.

In this guide, we will cover such things as;
  • etiquette,
  • each species color locations and mutations,
  • cost charts for research,
  • how genetics work,
  • website navigation,
  • groups,
  • and more. Stay tuned!!

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This is a user-made fansite. This site was not created by the developers of Ovipets.
If you see something that needs changed or added to this wiki, please contact me on Ovipets at!/indigowulf